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Harlaxton Summer

Summer School at Harlaxton

At Harlaxton, we offer a five-week summer school each year with a broad curriculum and various travel opportunities.

Summer School

Harlaxton College offers a five-week summer school each year and, like our regular semesters, we offer a broad curriculum and several optional weekend travel opportunities. Often courses are tailored to allow an experiential dimension to enhance classroom academics and field trips used to produce an intensive programme of study. Basic policies and procedures follow:

  • The priority deadline for receipt of applications is 24 January 2014. Applications will be accepted after that date on a space available basis. Applications and preliminary course information are now available.
  • Applications and deposits should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure your place in courses with limited enrollment and so course enrollment figures may be projected. Enrollment is determined by the order in which deposits are received.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due by 24 January 2014 (or upon application if the application is submitted after 24 January). However, if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, your deposit will be refunded. Once a course is confirmed after 24 January, the deposit is not refundable or transferable to a different course.
  • A minimum of eight deposited tuition-paying students is required for a summer course to be offered at Harlaxton. Decisions will be made about the status of all courses just after the 24 January 2014 priority deadline.
  • Minimum GPA requirements: 2.00 cumulative and 2.00 in the semester prior to departure.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of three semester hours; maximum load is six semester hours; no pass/fail option is offered. Tuition is charged by the credit hour.
  • Some courses will assess a course fee to cover the cost of course-related trips and admission charges. Final course fees will be determined and collected after arrival at Harlaxton unless indicated otherwise in the course description.

The following information relates to our Summer School 2014:

Tentative Calendar

17 Students arrive at Harlaxton Manor
17-18 Orientation
19 Classes begin
23-25 London Weekend Trip (Provisional)
30 York Day Trip (Provisional)
31 Cambridge Day Trip (Provisional)
May 31-June 6-8 Free Weekend
13-15 Edinburgh Weekend Trip (Provisional)
18 Final Examinations
19 Students Depart Harlaxton Manor for USA, Paris, or Personal Travel
19-23 Paris Trip (Long Weekend - Thur. to Mon.) (Provisional)
24 Paris Trip Participants Depart for USA or Personal Travel


Listed below are tentative Summer 2014 course syllabi and additional course information (where available).

* = University of Evansville’s Enduring Foundations General Education Program 2013-2015

Please contact Earl Kirk ( for further information.