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Harlaxton College faculty work with students to provide a living and learning environment.

Mission, Purposes, Vision


Harlaxton College is the United Kingdom’s premier provider of study abroad. We are distinctive in our location and ethos and dedicate ourselves daily to transforming the lives of our students.


In the last century, the United Kingdom has transitioned from a global imperial power to one of the world’s most multicultural societies. It is an ideal setting, therefore, in which to engage students with enduring questions of the human condition, culture, and identity and to cultivate in students the characteristics of responsible global citizenship.

Harlaxton College supports the University of Evansville's Mission of Learning by offering a program of study that directly addresses the challenges of living in an international community and the necessity of adopting a global view.


Set within a spectacular Grade 1 listed manor house, our integrated program of living, learning, and travel leads the U.S. and U.K. study abroad sectors and sets the standard for immersive experiential education.

Every student who enters through our magnificent front door experiences our exceptional community spirit and supportive personal approach. Students enjoy the benefits of an extraordinary international and intercultural education that is focused around a core course in British Studies, hands-on learning at sites from London to Lindisfarne, and individualized instruction. Learning at Harlaxton goes beyond the classroom to encompass extensive, complementary and invigorating student development programming that emphasizes teamwork, personal growth, connections with the local community, and leadership development.

We enroll students with diverse academic, artistic, and personal interests and offer a curriculum that appeals to students from all majors. Our coursework covers a range of general education and discipline-specific options and thus allows students to progress seamlessly toward graduation while also expanding their horizons. We are very notably an excellent destination for Honors students. Under the direction of talented and dedicated faculty, Honors students have the advantage of unique research, travel and presentation opportunities that harmoniously support and advance the academic trajectories that have been set for them on their home campuses.

All students leave Harlaxton transformed academically and personally. They become more independent and autonomous and better able to understand their place in a diverse world. Harlaxton equips students with the skills and attitudes necessary for global citizenship, and, above all, inspires them to continue their lifelong journeys.