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The British Studies course offers an interdisciplinary survey of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day.

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Academics at Harlaxton College

A semester at Harlaxton College is a semester on, not a semester off. Hear more about the life-changing academic experience at Harlaxton from the students and faculty who have lived it!

Harlaxton offers an academic program of the highest quality which integrates traditional teaching with experiential learning and extensive travel opportunities to create a unique study abroad experience. We offer a curriculum that appeals to students from all majors at the heart of which is the British Studies course (6 credits) taken by all students and taught by an outstanding British faculty. Our course offerings, however, cover a breadth of disciplines and general education options that allows students to progress seamlessly toward graduation while also expanding their personal and academic horizons. Honors options are also widely available. Under the direction of talented and dedicated faculty, Honors students at Harlaxton can take advantage of unique research, travel and presentation opportunities to learn and develop new skills in the glorious setting of Harlaxton Manor.