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The British Studies course offers an interdisciplinary survey of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day.

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British Studies Student

In Their Own Words

Most students aren't quite sure what to expect when they walk into British Studies the first day. By the end, they call it a highlight of their Harlaxton experience.

British Studies Testimonials

In surveys conducted in recent semesters over 95% of students agreed that British Studies was an excellent introduction to British history and culture and that it had made them more globally aware.

  • “I loved this course. Made clear why Britishness is such a complex idea.”

  • “I really appreciate the team teaching aspect of the course in that we got to hear from the perspectives of professors with different specialties and interests. The set-up of lecture plus seminar was also really beneficial for effective learning. Overall, it was an amazing course and really defined my study abroad experience.”

  • “British Studies is easily one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Thank you to the British Studies professors for giving me one of the best educational experiences I could’ve hoped for.”

  • “If I had taken British studies in America, I don’t think I’d have the same sort of awareness I do now. A part of it is actually living in Britain and seeing for yourself how the coursework relates to reality. I am far more informed about the political, social, and cultural concerns of an entire group of people living on this island far from my home, as well as their impact and relationship with the global community.”

  • “Tracking the course of another country’s history has made me more aware of how entwined everything is - what was done a thousand years ago has a direct impact on what’s happening today. It’s made me look at my home in a different light, and most specifically, it has impressed upon me the importance of voting … When you’ve got Chartists and suffragettes and enslaved peoples fighting for the right to have a direct voice in their government, it becomes less a national obligation and more a recognition of the global struggle for equality. I feel like a better, more informed person on the whole.”

  • “I learned more in this course than I have in any other course I’ve taken during my college career. It allowed me to be able to view events in history in different context. ... British Studies has definitely helped my critical thinking skills.”