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The British Studies course offers an interdisciplinary survey of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day.

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Research Presentations

Research Presentations

Every semester, honors students present their research in the Great Hall.

Student Research and Honors Study

Harlaxton College takes pride in the quality of its academic programs and the work of our faculty and students. We encourage undergraduate research and are always interested in exploring new opportunities and ideas with prospective and current students. While studying at Harlaxton there may be opportunities to undertake preliminary research for a senior thesis or similar project, or to undertake field work at British/European locations or in British libraries and archives. As well as teaching, Harlaxton faculty are active in academic research and can supervise student research projects in a wide variety of areas. Details of the research interests of our faculty (British and Visiting): can be found here.

Honors Classes

A range of classes, in addition to British Studies (H382H), are available for Honors credit and Independent Study options can often be organized. Please see syllabi for further details.

Undergraduate Research

Whether it is under the direction of our British faculty or our visiting faculty the quality of student work at Harlaxton College is very high.

Essay Award

To celebrate this fact, the College has, for some time, awarded an Essay Award to those students who have excelled in their academic endeavours and produced a piece of academic work or research, or a piece of creative writing or work, worthy of celebration. Some examples may be found below.