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The British Studies course offers an interdisciplinary survey of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day.

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The World is Our Classroom

Travel is part of the learning experience at Harlaxton, as we tie our curriculum and travel together, integrating the two to strengthen both.

Travel and Learning

Harlaxton is ideally located for travel within the UK and to continental Europe. Students take full advantage of those opportunities and travel forms a vital element in the Harlaxton experience. The College endorses and supports this in many ways through our program organized by the Student Development Office, in numerous course field trips and by providing advice for independent travel.

Travel and learning are integrated to create an immersive educational experience. The academic curriculum is enriched by visits to historical and cultural sites in the Harlaxton area and further afield. But, just as importantly, what you learn in class will enrich your own travels, providing you with a context and understanding of political developments in Britain and Europe, and an awareness of cultural differences with the US, both subtle and profound. Learning through travel sets students on the path, literally and figuratively, towards responsible global citizenship.

Studying in the United Kingdom was … a life changing experience. [It] was a major transition from the United States, but it helped me appreciate all the differences between the two countries and understand them. … After learning about British history, I better understood my own history. Corey Sturm, Spring 2015
I am not the same person I was four months ago. Studying abroad is more than just traveling Europe. You learn from different teaching methods and you learn how you handle pressure, how to survive without your parents, and how to avoid expensive temptations on a budget. But more than anything, you learn to cherish the beautiful world you live in. It's been everything I've ever wanted and more, I couldn't be more thankful. Shakar Soltani, Spring 2015
Living in the UK has made me a more independent person. Interacting with people here and in other countries has allowed me to recognize how being a US citizen affects my viewpoint. Coming to Harlaxton benefitted my growth as a person and will benefit me in the future as I go through new experiences with an expanded worldview. Megan Owens, Spring 2015