British Studies

The British Studies course is unique to Harlaxton College. It is specifically designed for Harlaxton students and is taught by Harlaxton’s permanent British faculty. British Studies is available at three levels (BRIT H282, BRIT H382, and BRIT H382 Honors); worth six credits, it provides the centerpiece for the college’s academic curriculum.

The course offers an interdisciplinary study of British history and culture from earliest times to the present day. It explains the development of the various countries that make up the United Kingdom and the changing nature of the often fractious relationship between those countries. The course’s central theme is national identity. It explains Britain’s identity historically, culturally, and intellectually; it explores fundamental questions about Britishness. The course help students understand what they see, hear, read, and experience while living in a new nation.

Students during lecture

In British Studies, students are asked to engage consistently throughout the semester. Seminar discussions and group and individual presentations offer opportunities to research, debate, and analyze. Term papers and essays help develop research and writing skills. In examinations and tests, students will apply what they have learned. There are also three field trips throughout the semester that relate to the content being covered in British Studies. Students will visit Lincoln, the Southwell Workhouse, and London. These fundamental transferable skills will help not only at Harlaxton, but also in the future, in academic study, and in a wide range of careers.

The British Studies faculty are committed to helping every student develop as a scholar. The current British faculty are: