British Studies

British Studies is a Harlaxton signature program, taught by British professors. It is a multidisciplinary program comprising two course options unified by a focus on the issues, historical and contemporary, and cultural trends, that both create and dislocate a sense of national identity in modern Britain. By applying what you are learning, the British Studies program helps you to situate yourself within a complex multinational and multicultural society. This new awareness challenges you to reflect on your own sense of self and place.

University of Evansville students are required to do at least one course option.

All students are recommended to take both course options within the British Studies program for a truly immersive experience:

  • BRIT 220/320. British Studies. Historical Perspectives (3 Credits)
  • BRIT 230/330. British Studies. Literary Perspectives (3 Credits)

Both options are offered for General Education; Writing; and Honors Credits for University of Evansville students, who are also encouraged to consider taking both options for a British Studies Minor.

All our students are encouraged to consider taking both options for a Certificate in British Studies.