Internship Semester

Start shaping your career now with an Internship at Harlaxton College.

Imagine what a future employer will think when they read your resume and see you had the drive and initiative to travel to the UK to study and take on in an internship with a British employer?

At Harlaxton College we can offer you a unique internship opportunity during which you’ll not only learn about the world of work, but also have a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, gaining experiences that will shape you forever.

Developing your initiative, self-reliance, confidence and cultural horizons, your time in England is sure to help you stand out from the crowd as a hot proposition for employers in the future.

For the duration of the internship, you will live in the wonderful Harlaxton Manor, just five minutes from the town of Grantham in the heart of England and you will spend ten hours every week embedded in a local business, public body or non-profit organization, carefully chosen to fit your interests. Alongside this you will also get to engage with the excellent program of formal academic study on offer.

All placements will be within easy traveling distance of the Manor and throughout your internship in England you will be supported by a local coordinator who will always be available to help with questions and issues along the way.

But it isn’t all work. Our internship program offers plenty of time to take advantage of the many excursions and cultural experiences organized by Harlaxton College for visiting students, all of which will further enhance your understanding of British life and society.

This, together with the fact you’ll be earning credits towards your degree, make our internship program an experiential learning opportunity that you and future employers, will love!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now.

Examples of Internship Options

  • Local Non Profits- help organizations in the local community.
  • Sports/ Exercise Science- work with local sports teams and wellness venues.
  • Hospitality at the Manor- intern with our events team to learn both the business and organization of events management.
  • Local businesses- learn with a business in the Harlaxton area and apply new skills as you learn the world of work in the UK

Students continue to take three courses in addition to an internship course and have time to experience the UK and beyond.

How the application process works for an internship at Harlaxton

Step 1
Complete the application for the Internship experience. This application will give you the opportunity to tell us your goals and requirements for an internship. We want to make sure we have the right placement for you! Apply Now.
Step 2
The Harlaxton internship coordinator will schedule a meeting to hear more about your interest and determine if the program is right for you!
Step 3
Once you are approved for your internship, you will complete all of your pre-departure work on myHarlaxton.
Step 4
Our Internship Coordinator will identify appropriate placements for the internship and arrange an interview between the placement and the applicant. If approved by the placement organization, the applicant will have the opportunity to accept or reject the placement.
Step 5
Getting your Tier 4 Visa. The Harlaxton office will help you with the Tier 4 Visa needed to complete an internship in the UK. This Visa cost is approximately $525 with additional costs for travel for a visa appointment. These fees are in addition to your study abroad program fees. There may also be additional fees for transportation to and from your internship site.