Since 1983, British families have been opening their homes to Harlaxton students through the Meet-A-Family Experience. This is a unique opportunity for students to be immersed in and better understand authentic British culture.

Students visit British homes for meals throughout the semester, sometimes going with their families on trips, to concerts, or to sporting events. Harlaxton students quite literally "get a taste" of British family life, sometimes returning the compliment by cooking an American meal for their host family—and always, twice a semester, hosting their British “Mums” and Dads at their house, Harlaxton Manor, which the families love. The relationships often last a lifetime. American students come back to England to visit; British hosts go to the States for graduations and weddings. View the Meet-A-Family flyer.

Resident Assistants

At Harlaxton, student Resident Assistants are recruited before each semester to assist their classmates throughout the term. Equipped to handle emergency situations, experts at program planning, and always ready with a listening ear, the Harlaxton RAs take pride in fostering healthy, community-oriented residential life here at the college.

Community Engagement

Harlaxton believes that engaging in the community is an important part of the study abroad experience, and there are multiple opportunities for students to share their time and talents with the Harlaxton, Grantham, and global communities.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Students are encouraged to connect with the community through active participation in community events and initiatives. Past projects have been reading the news for the Newspaper for the Blind, interacting with clients at Dove Hospice, and tending to riverbeds with the Grantham Canal Society. Harlaxton has a newly established partnership with Wyndham Park and helps facilitate one Grantham town event each semester.
  • Philanthropic Opportunities: Busy schedules don't always allow for students to participate in active service as much as they might intend. Students help better their community through campus based initiatives that raise money for various charities. Bake sales, coin collections, and traditional British “Coffee Mornings” are some of the ways our students contribute much needed funds to local non-profit organizations.

Academic Engagement

Students at Harlaxton learn a great deal from experiences, programs, and events outside of the classroom. Our Meet-a-Student program engages area university students to establish connections with peers and learn about graduate study. The Mindful Movie Series connects popular cinema with classroom learning and travel experiences, and the Harlaxton ID discussion series explores the intersection of identity and travel. These initiatives, and more, encourage reflective moments for the students to truly engage with their intellectual and personal growth over the course of the semester.