Harlaxton Impact Study

The Harlaxton Impact Study is a unique opportunity to research the effects that the Harlaxton experience has had on our alumni. We hear from many of our participants that Harlaxton was the spark towards an idea, a career, or a new way to see the world. For the first time, the Harlaxton impact study will research these ideas.


The study has been conducted in phases.

Phase 1: Harlaxton Participant Data

A Changelab team has been working for almost a year to ensure we had a participant list that reflects every student who has had the Harlaxton experience. This search has taken us to attics, files, and even microfiche in the library! Our students have done an amazing job of finding and refining this dataset.

Phase 2: Designing the Survey Instrument

Sociology students led by Dr. Mari Plikuhn have spent the spring semester working to create a survey instrument that will allow us to collect data from the alumni of Harlaxton College. This step was crucial in the project.

Phase 3: Data Collection

This is where we need you! You will be emailed and receive a post card when the survey goes live. We need you to complete the survey. Then we need you to reach out to your Harlaxton friends and ensure they complete the survey!

Phase 4: Data Analysis

A team from UE will work with the survey results to determine what impact Harlaxton has had on the participants.

Phase 5: Impact Study Presentation

We will be reporting the results during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary. We want you to hear back from us about what impact Harlaxton has had over the past 50 years on the lives of those who have been fortunate enough to live, learn, and grow at the Manor.