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Career Development

“Harlaxton changed my life!"

Employers want what students develop at Harlaxton: independent thinking; teamwork; leadership; ability to read and write, to analyse and synthesize; personal responsibility; a global awareness and knowledge.

Harlaxton helps you get a job to begin your career.
Harlaxton helps you advance in your career.

Ask those who have studied here: men and women in business, engineers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, ministers, teachers and professors, moms and dads, counselors, graduate students, and people building good lives around the globe.

Ask Whitney Cohen, Harlaxton College Intern October 2013-April 2014.
BA in International Studies Magna cum laude University of Evansville May 2012, Gilman Scholar, Harlaxton College Spring 2010, Nverere Centre for Peace Research, Tanzania, spring 2011, MA in International Education SIT Graduate Institute Vermont May 2014, “so I can assist other students with their own global learning endeavors.” “Harlaxton College was my very first overseas experience, wonderful environment, full of caring professors and staff, as well as the unbelievable manor and grounds, encouraged me to study abroad again the next year."

Ask Kate Weikert, PhD graduate 2013 University of Winchester (UK). BA in History University of Evansville 2001, Archeology and Music minors, Harlaxton College Fall 2000, MA in Medieval Archaeology University of York 2003, Indianapolis Museum of Art 2001-02, Portland Art Museum 2005-10, lecturing at Winchester and Oxford, Lecturer in Archaeology Harlaxton College 2014. “Harlaxton gave me, confidence,to move to the UK to pursue both my master’s and doctoral degrees,broadened my horizons, seeing a bigger world of possibilities for my future,fostered my curiosity for this wider world.”

Ask Bruce Roberts, EMEA Regional Head of Exchange Traded Derivatives, Operations, UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). Responsible for Operations governing $9Billion in assets, manages team of 110 staff, BS in Accounting University of Evansville May 1992, Harlaxton College Spring 1990, MBA in International Business Long Island University July 1998, Assistant Dean and Dean of Students Harlaxton 1992-95, Assistant Director of Admission University of Evansville 1995-96, Director of Students Franklin College Switzerland 1996-99, USB 1999 – Present. Member, Harlaxton Advisory Council and University of Evansville advisory groups. “My time at Harlaxton both as a student and as an employee transformed my outlook on life and gave me the opportunity to gain a deeper international understanding and a wider world perspective. It was the start of a journey that led me from my roots in the U.S. to live in different European countries and pursue an international career.”