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Harlaxton College students gain strong friendships and memories to last a lifetime.


“Harlaxton changed my life!”

We hear it from Harlaxton alumni all the time, and they mean it.

As they tell it to us, their time at Harlaxton changes them for the better in several ways:

  • “I know more about British culture and other cultures, have a greater world awareness.”
  • “I could feel myself growing every day in independence, maturity, and self-reliance. My friends saw it, my parents saw it, even I saw it. Harlaxton is a fast track to growing up!”
  • “I have never in my life read so much, thought so much, written so much. My British Studies profs made me analyse ideas and events, then put it all back together so they made sense.”
  • “Harlaxton’s small size and intense program gave me opportunities for leadership I could not have had back home. I learned to work better in teams to achieve goals. I learned what was in me.”
  • “I had to take responsibility for myself. Others would help, but ultimately I was responsible. And I began to see that my duty is not just toward me and mine, what I want, but toward the world we live in. At Harlaxton they call it ‘becoming responsible global citizens,’ and it’s all true.”

So don’t ask us, ask them—our Harlaxton alumni.

Or ask yourself—what are you seeking, what are you gaining, what are you giving?