Arriving at Harlaxton

Students will be advised of the date and time for airport pickups from Heathrow only. Students should plan on arriving with as little wait time for the transfer as possible.

In the interest of public health and safety, students will wear face masks throughout the transfer to Harlaxton. Only one student is permitted per seat on the coach and students must not move around the coach. Students will be transferred directly from the airport to Harlaxton in alignment with United Kingdom guidelines.

Students who do not arrive at the recommended time may not make the coach and will need to take public transportation and arrive independently at the Manor.

From the 18th of January, the UK Government has new restrictions to enter England. In order to enter, you must show proof of a negative coronavirus (COVID-19).

You will need to present the proof of your negative test before you board to travel to England. If you don’t present proof of a negative test result certificate, you may not be able to board any form of transport to travel to England. If you arrive in England without proof of a negative test result, you could be fined £500.

Details on the type of test and information that must be provided can be found at


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