Dr. David Green, PhD (University of Nottingham), FRHistS

Senior Lecturer in British Studies and History

David Green

David Green is a graduate of the universities of Exeter (BA) and Nottingham (MA, PhD) and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Before joining the British Studies team at Harlaxton in 2007, he lived and worked in England, Scotland, and Ireland teaching at the universities of Sheffield, St Andrews, and Trinity College, Dublin.

Research Interests

Initially, my published work concentrated on the career and retinue of Edward the Black Prince (c.1330–c.1376) – the subject of my doctoral thesis. Later, the chronological and geographical scope of my work extended to focus on two connected themes, the Hundred Years War and later Plantagenet ‘colonialism'. This resulted in a number of journal and encyclopaedia articles and a book for Yale University Press, The Hundred Years War: A People's History (2014), which examines the impact of the war on various social groups and national institutions. More recently, I've sought to explore a wider range of sources, both literary and material, leading to presentations and publications on subjects such as chivalry and later medieval tomb effigies.

I regularly speak and chair sessions at the annual meetings of the International Medieval Congress (University of Leeds, UK) and the International Conference on Medieval Studies (University of Western Michigan, USA). I sit on the editorial board of the biannual journal Fourteenth Century England and am a member of the Harlaxton Medieval Symposium Steering Committee and co-convened the 2014 meeting on ‘The Plantagenet Empire, 1259-1453', the proceedings of which were published in 2016.


Hundred Year War book cover


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