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Harlaxton's Construction

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Gregory Gregory and Construction

Who built this extraordinary house?

Harlaxton Manor was begun in 1832 by Gregory Gregory. His vision for his house had been nurtured by travels in Europe, visits to numerous English houses of Elizabethan and Jacobean style, and his own architectural research. What he created has been described by Mark Girouard in his scholarly book, The Victorian Country House: “Harlaxton must be seen to be believed and even when one has seen it, it is not always easy to believe it.”

Together with architects Anthony Salvin (from 1832-1838, completing the main house), William Burn (1838-1854, completing the house wings, garden structures, and Carriage House), and David Bryce (involved with interiors), Gregory merged the Elizabethan and Jacobean with Baroque resulting in an “impression of power, exuberance, and abundance (Girouard).” A bachelor, Gregory focused his wealth and energies on collecting architectural antiques, furniture, and artworks to fill his masterpiece. The very best materials and craftsmen were chosen to create Harlaxton Manor.

Nothing was left to chance as Gregory also conceived a dramatic entrance to his new home, down a mile long drive, over a bridge spanning a landscaped lake, through the Gatehouse, past the Baroque entry courtyard to the towering Salvin front façade. From Gregory’s day to the present, arrival at Harlaxton Manor never ceases to enchant and amaze.