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Sports Hall

Italian Garden Restoration

The main face and wall of the Italian Garden wall are nearing completion.

Current Projects

A listing of needed projects, large and small, is kept, and projects for any given year are chosen by priority and funding available (either from budgets or from special gifts). Some of the current and pending projects include the following:

The Refectory

Everyone—students, faculty and staff—come together in the College’s Refectory. It is not only a place to eat but also our most significant social space. But it can be very cold in the winter and its seating arrangements are not ideal.

In 2015/16 we will upgrade the heating system in the Refectory and will replace the tables and chairs with more booth style seating which will provide a range of seating options and extend the use of the refectory into the evenings as a study/social space.

South West Gazebo

The focus of another English Heritage grant, the project to repair a building which forms a stop to the Western boundary of the garden, linked by a high retaining wall and a second gazebo to the entrance forecourt ensemble. This project which it is anticipated will be the first phase of a multi-phase project will begin in summer 2015.

State Rooms

In addition to use as a College in semesters and summers, the Manor also hosts weddings and dinner events throughout the year. Both the Long Gallery and Entrance Hall will have major wall and paint repairs in 2015-16 as time allows.