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Harlaxton as a University

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Harlaxton as a University

Harlaxton College began in 1971 as “Harlaxton Study Centre,” following the traditions of learning established first by the Jesuits and then by Stanford University. Stanford was among the first American universities to establish study abroad programs, beginning in Germany in 1958. By the time they leased Harlaxton Manor for their British campus, they also had programs sending students to France, Italy, and Austria. All five of Stanford’s programs were conducted in English with a goal of making study abroad highly accessible to students.

At Harlaxton, Stanford students took classes in British history and literature, most weeks from Monday through Thursday, travelling extensively on weekends. This will sound very familiar to today’s Harlaxton students!

It was the dream of Dr. Wallace Graves, president of the University of Evansville from 1967 to 1987, to establish such study centers, so the opportunity to lease Harlaxton Manor was taken. The first students in the fall of 1971 found a fantasy manor and a new world of learning opportunities. As the British Campus of the University of Evansville, subsequent UE administrations and principals of Harlaxton have led in maintaining a program of high academic expectation linked to expanded horizons.

While the Manor itself is much restored and renovated, today’s students still find living and learning at Harlaxton a life changing experience.