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Students enjoy a variety of activities while at Harlaxton College.

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Our Sports Complex

Staying Active

"It's like college sports used to be and still is in Britain--not "professional," but participitation by anyone and everyone, for fitness and love of the game."

Sports and Fitness

With its very own Sports Hall for students to use, staying active while studying abroad is easy at Harlaxton. Facilities include a full size basketball court (also for soccer, volleyball, etc.), cardio floor, and weight room. Not only are these facilities open for students to use in their free time and through pickup activities, but participation and activity is encouraged through our unique intramural house competitions. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize, stay active, and meet peers through playing sports you are familiar with, as well as learning new ones (cricket, rugby, or handball) — all while embracing sporting culture in Britain.

Outdoor sports and recreation are also widely available at Harlaxton. On Harlaxton's doorstep are many walking, running, and hiking routes within the picturesque Lincolnshire countryside. Bicycles are also available for student and faculty use to further explore the area.

For those wishing to play competitive sports while studying abroad, Harlaxton offers this opportunity through its "Lions" Basketball and Volleyball teams. Playing in the Lincolnshire leagues against local clubs and representing the Harlaxton Lions is both a challenging and enjoyable experience, and a chance to get a taste of competitive sport in Britain.