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Students enjoy a variety of activities while at Harlaxton College.

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A Cultural Immersion

A Cultural Immersion

"I love my English family. They are going to visit me in America, and I hope to come back and see them again and again. It's cool: my own family in Britain!"

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Meet-a-Family Experience

You’ll call it “My English Family.”

Since 1983, British families have been opening their homes to Harlaxton students through the Meet-A-Family Experience. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to be immersed in and better understand authentic British culture.

Students visit British homes for meals throughout the semester, sometimes going with their families on trips, to concerts, or to sporting events. Harlaxton students quite literally "get a taste" of British family life, sometimes returning the compliment by cooking an American meal for their host family—and always, twice a semester, hosting their British “Mums” and Dads at their house, Harlaxton Manor, which the families love.

The relationships often last a lifetime. American students come back to England to visit; British hosts go to the States for graduations and weddings.

It’s a chance to have “family” close by while living abroad, along with an unforgettable experience in cross-cultural understanding and caring.