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Students enjoy a variety of activities while at Harlaxton College.

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Student Organizations

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"I didn't just join the group. I created it!"

Student Organizations

The possibilities are endless! Students at Harlaxton can join traditional student organizations like the Events Committee, Christian Fellowship, Harlaxton Players, and Harlaxton PRIDE—or if they have a specific interest, can create any new student group they like. Our organizations are entirely student-led, though Student Development staff and faculty advisors are always available to help groups get up and running, with continued support offered throughout the semester.

Students will have the chance to sign up for or create student organizations at orientation during our College Fair, where they’ll also have the chance to consider other on-campus leadership and involvement opportunities: Harlaxton Student Ambassadors, the Collegiate Choir, music groups, various sports teams, blogging, or the Yearbook Committee. The following is a list of student organizations and opportunities typically offered each semester:

  • Ambassadors
  • Basketball
  • Bloggers
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Collegiate Choir
  • Harlaxton Players (theatre)
  • Meet-A-Family
  • Music Ensemble (strings, brass, wind)
  • Resident Assistants
  • Events Committee
  • Volleyball
  • Volunteerism/Philanthropy
  • Yearbook Committee