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Students enjoy a variety of activities while at Harlaxton College.

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Performance Rehearsal

All the World's a Stage

"I never thought I would perform in a place like this. On stage, in the Great Hall? Magnificent!"

Performance Opportunities

Harlaxton Manor provides a magnificent venue for musical and dramatic performances, whether you are a music or drama student or an interested amateur, and each semester will typically provide a range of performance opportunities.

The beautiful state rooms, with their wonderful acoustics, make performances in the Manor very special, both for those taking part and those enjoying the events as audience members.

The Harlaxton Collegiate Choir, under the direction of Cambridge graduate Dr. Tim Williams, meets weekly to rehearse for an end of semester concert. The repertoire of the choir is very broad but generally includes a selection of sacred and secular British music from across the centuries. The Choir may be taken as a one credit course, or attended just for interest. Visiting faculty and their family members are most welcome to join the choir.

Theatre and drama groups are typically established each semester by the students themselves. Each semester tends to be different, depending upon the interests of those involved, and in the past the activities created by such groups have included a Shakespeare Festival, and children’s theatre for local primary schools. Performance opportunities, some informal for the College community and some to which the local community may be invited, usually take place and provide an enjoyable entertainment for all.

Informal small group music making for players of an intermediate level or above, is arranged on a semester by semester basis depending on the number of available musicians. Performances opportunities, either informal gatherings or more formal concerts with an invited audience, are typically arranged each semester. Students wishing to take part in music at Harlaxton are encouraged to bring their own instrument (where possible) although loan instruments may be available.

For further details please contact Anne Hollick, ahollick@harlaxton.ac.uk