When and what did you teach at Harlaxton?

I've taught at Harlaxton twice, once in Spring 2012 and then again in Spring 2018. The courses I focused on were Media Writing, Introduction to Communication, and Strategic Public Relations. We mixed it up by working with the BBC, the Grantham Talking Newspaper, and other media outlets.

What is unique about teaching at Harlaxton?

The real question is, what isn't unique?! Everything is extraordinary, from living in the manor, to having classes in opulent rooms, to traveling many weekends. You get a chance to see and experience so much, and professors and students are sharing in this together. It creates a special bond.

How did Harlaxton become a home for you and your students?

You eat together, you share time together hanging out on the grounds or reading books in the conservatory, and you live and breathe the English countryside for four months. It isn't a home away from home. During that time, it's simply home.

How did you see students' lives change during their time at Harlaxton?

At first everyone is timid on the trains and getting used to various forms of public transportation. There's also a sense of urgency to get to as many different cities and countries as they can. By the end of the semester, they've gained tremendous confidence on not only traveling, but that confidence also spills into everything else academically and socially and they start to relax and appreciate the little things. It's amazing how beautifully four months can transform a person.

Do you have any advice for Harlaxton students?

Go with an open mind and enjoy the adventure. You'll never regret it.

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